Since 1982, we have focused on providing exceptional software solutions to companies who need them. We look forward to adding you to our long list of happy customers.

Why Companies Choose Mar-Kov

Companies choose Mar-Kov Computer Systems because they want MRP software that understands batch manufacturing, software that is easy to use, and software that won’t break the bank.

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Mar-Kov Software

Mar-Kov’s MRP software tracks inventory, recipes, sales orders, purchase orders, testing results and a whole lot more. Use the menu on the left to see the full scope of what we have to offer.


At Mar-Kov Computer Systems, we are very proud of our success in creating and maintaining long-term relationships. We consider the installation of our software at your company as a first step, not the end of a process. We will remain strongly committed and involved throughout the implementation process and beyond to ensure that you achieve a successful implementation and that your continuing usage of the application is strongly supported.