Recipe Manager Pro

You can use the Mar-Kov recipe management functionality as a stand alone product called Recipe Manager Pro.

Recipe Manager Pro helps you to create, cost, maintain, and modify complex formulations quickly and easily. Recipe Manager enables users to formulate products and generate batch sheets. Record the results of batch manufacturing including raw material quantities consumed, yield produced, and lot tracking/tracing information.

Upgrading from Recipe Manager Pro to Mar-Kov’s full software is simple. All of your items and recipes will be ported over and you can begin using Mar-Kov’s inventory management, LIMS and other features.

Key features:

  • Develop recipes/formulations with full process specifications associated with them

  • Eliminate errors commonly found in manually generated recipes

  • Generate Batch Sheets based on order information

  • Track actual results of batches, including quantities consumed and yield produced

  • Trace raw material lot usage in manufactured product

  • Speed product development by visually construction recipes, complete with process instructions and testing specifications

  • Work in weights or volumes

  • Calculate finished product costs based on ingredient definitions

  • Calculate finished product components/CAS based on ingredient definitions

  • QuickBooks interface allows convenient import/update of items

  • QuickBooks interface provides export of executed orders/batch records to QuickBooks. This results in accurate inventory tracking as a result of manufacturing.

  • Easily track multiple packaging options for each product, complete with costing for each packaging option

  • Scale-up orders to any weight or volume required

  • Create Batching Orders and attractive printed Batch Sheets

  • LIMS functionality; Track samples and test resuls for raw materials and manufactured products

  • Multiple Users/Computers share one common database

  • Cloud/Hosted system is available. Or the system can be installed on your own database server if you prefer