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Mar-Kov helps leading pharmaceutical companies around the world achieve better lot traceability, inventory management, and raw and API ingredient control. Whether you are looking for certification, improve your ease of FDA compliance or just want to know what you need to buy to make what your customers want, Mar-Kov can help you get there.

Here are just some of the reasons why our pharmaceutical software is so successful:

With Mar-Kov, mock recalls are so easy—it’s beautiful!
— Jamilyn Beekley - Custard Stand


Create a full electronic batch record that can include each piece of equipment, personnel, and test performed on a batch. Link all sublots, testing, and Certificates of Analysis’ all in one location. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Superior Dispensing Control

Ensure raw materials are dispensed and weighed correctly with scale integration. Automatically adjust for purity of sub-lots and adjust the needed amount of the active and excipient ingredients on the floor. Check each selected lot for quarantine and FEFO/FIFO status by scanning container barcodes. Create a full electronic batch record from each scan and step. Guide the operator through each step of the process with an easy to follow and understand interface.


Use barcode scanning and labeling to keep track of where your inventory is stored, when it is consumed on production orders, and when it is shipped to customers.

Keep incredibly accurate inventory to plan your purchasing and production. Prevent out of stock situations and ensure you deliver to your customers on time.

Customer Highlights

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