Mar-Kov Computer Systems

We help Batch Manufacturers keep track of their inventory, lot traceability, formulas, and recipes. Connect Mar-Kov’s software to your accounting package, like QuickBooks, to have a full, cost effect ERP at your disposal. Explore some of the features below or select your industry from the menu on the left.


Real Time INventory

Use barcode scanning and labeling to keep track of where your inventory is stored, how much is in work in progress, when it is consumed on production orders, and when it is shipped to customers.

Use the incredibly accurate inventory to plan your purchasing and production. Prevent out of stock situations and ensure you deliver to your customers on time.


Complete Traceability

Fly through your next mock recall by running a full traceability report in 60 seconds. Track and trace the lot numbers of your raw ingredient and packaging to every finished good you turned it into and every client you shipped it to.

Provide a full electronic batch record that can include each piece of equipment, personnel, and test performed on a batch.


Seamless Integrations

Connect to accounting platforms like Quickbooks, connect to your online marketplace like Squarespace, and connect to your scales and equipment to ensure seamless communication between your tools.

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  • Real time consumption and creation of inventory.

  • Computer assisted weighing, blending, and packing out of manufacturing orders.

  • Provides accurate real time inventory visibility and quality control status to operators.

  • Pre-weigh and co-mingle operations are performed using scales that are directly accessible to the software, enhancing speed and reliability.

  • Each step of the batching operation is policed by the software in order to ensure that all steps are performed as defined in the process specification.

  • MSDS and HMIS information is displayed as required throughout.

  • The software ensures that all equipment has been cleaned according to SOPs before allowing it to be used.

  • An electronic batch sheet can be printed before, during, or after the operation is completed.

  • Paperless system with data collected at the source eliminates time and errors associated with manual data recording and entry

  • Increase manufacturing efficiencies by 10%-30%.

  • Complete lot traceability with container level tracking of source materials.

  • Material consumption information is sent back to the host ERP in seconds.

  • Ability to interface to ANY host system: Oracle, SAP, etc.

  • Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

  • Designed to work in a "thin client" environment, which lets the application run on portable Pocket PCs or Pen tablets.

  • Barcoding is used throughout to ensure accuracy.