Laboratory Information Management

Mar-Kov’s Laboratory Information Management (LIMs) tool is ready to organize the results from you lab testing. Track the test results and enforce the quarantine of all raw and finished goods, label and locate all retain samples, and generate Certificates of Analysis of all you testing.


  • Ensure that all testing is performed according to product specification for both ingredients and bulk product.

  • Co-ordinate the approval of materials where multiple samples and approvals are required.

  • Prevent the use of unapproved or expired materials.

  • Store and retrieve MSDS and Certificate of Analysis documents. These documents are directly linked to products and containers, and can be retrieved online.

  • Create Certificates of Analysis from test results.

  • Under strict management control, allow unapproved materials to be used pending their testing. Prevent the approval of batches until unapproved ingredients that were used have been successfully approved.

  • Test of In Process Samples is fully integrated with other testing. Ability to enter adjustments required for Batch. Addition of adjustments is enforced by the MES.

  • Gang Testing is supported.

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