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Ice Cream manufacturers turn to Mar-Kov when they want better lot traceability, inventory management, production planning. By barcoding your inventory on receipt and tracking it through the process Ice Cream companies know exactly what the have in stock and can run a mock recall in less than two minutes. Connect Mar-Kov’s software to your existing accounting platform, like QuickBooks, to get a full ERP system at a fraction of the cost. Ensure FDA and FSMA compliance with software that knows how you work.

With Mar-Kov, mock recalls are so easy—it’s beautiful!
— Jamilyn Beekley - Custard Stand
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Fly through your next mock recall by running a full traceability report in 60 seconds. Track and trace the lot numbers of your raw ingredient and packaging to every finished good you turned it into and every client you shipped it to. Whether you need to ensure FDA compliance or traceability for a 3rd party audit Mar-Kov has what you need.

Provide a full electronic batch record that can include each piece of equipment, personnel, and test performed on a batch.



Use barcode scanning and labeling to keep track of where your inventory is stored, when it is consumed on production orders, and when it is shipped to customers. Receive and print with GS1 labels to speed up your process.

Keep incredibly accurate inventory to plan your purchasing and production. Prevent out of stock situations and ensure you deliver to your customers on time.

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Production Planning

Know exactly what you need to buy and what you need to make to fulfill existing and future orders. Track the expiry date of all materials to ensure that you are correctly rotating stock and nothing goes bad.

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