CBD Companies Rely on Mar-Kov

CBD manufacturers turn to Mar-Kov when they want better lot traceability, complete capture of test results, and automatic purity adjustments. Whether you are looking for better traceability or just want to know what you need to buy to make what your customers want, Mar-Kov can help you get there.

Here are just some of the reasons why we are so successful with CBD manufacturers:



Mar-Kov automatically creates an electronic batch record for every batch. You can tie test results and Certificates of Analysis to each raw and you can tie test results and generate CofA’s for your finished goods.

You can run a mock recall in under two minutes. When you run a mock recall on a raw good you can see what you made with it, the equipment used to make it, and who you shipped it to.

Inventory Visibility


Use barcode scanning and labeling to keep track of where your inventory is stored, when it is consumed on production orders, and when it is shipped to customers. Receive and print with GS1 labels to speed your process.

Keep incredibly accurate inventory to plan your purchasing and production. Track expiry dates and prevent out of stock situations to ensure you deliver to your customers on time.

Purity Adjustments

Automatic Purity Adjustment

Hitting the target strength for the finished product is paramount for a consistently high quality goods. Companies can use purity testing to automatically calculate and adjust the correct amount to dispense for active ingredients.

By moving calculations from the lab to floor you can free up the technical team to tackle bigger challenges.

There are plenty of other ways we can help. Reach out and we can see if we could be right for you.